MyArcadeFriends F.A.Q

By   03-01-2018

These are our most frequently asked questions.

  1. Do I have to register to play games on MyArcadeFriends? NO, you don't have to register to play games on our site, you top scores and progress are saved via cookies.
  2. How can I add games to my profile or liked games list? Please see this video to save games to favorites you DO have to register.
  3. If I register with Facebook do you get or see my password? NO, we NEVER see your passwords whether it is our own registration system or Facebooks.
  4. Do I have to pay to be a member? NO, NEVER our site is sponsored by the ADS you see on the website and in games.
  5. Why are there ADS in games? This is how we pay for the website maintenance, servers, and other costs.
  6. Can I play these games on my phone? Yes, ALL of our games are made in HTML5 and are playable on the web, phone or tablets 
  7. Do you have an Android app? Yes for both Phones and Tablets you can get the app from Google Play here
  8. Do you have an app for IOS? NO, not yet but you can play in Safari (web browser) 
  9. My scores and levels are different on different devices why? Every device saves its own game scores and progress via cookies we recommend you play games on your favorite device.
  10. If I register will you sell my information or share it with a third party? NO NEVER! 

Hey, guys welcome for you first timers and welcome back veterans!

MAF has been around for over a decade! started out with the classic old school FLASH games back in the days now we advance to HTML5 and all sorts of great new tech like WebGL and other good stuff you probably don't care about :) either way if your a newbie or a veteran I just wanted to welcome you to the all-new MAF, WEB & MOBILE ready for all your gaming needs! We have 700+ games currently we could have more but we like QUALITY games here. We are partnered with FAMOBI out favorite game publishing company to bring the best games out to you!

 These games like MOST games do have in-game ads (that's how we pay the bills to maintain the websites ETC think of the ads as your donation to us that we really appreciate)

There are a few ways to play these games besides this website! First up is our Android app that is available FREE on Google Play…

This is the easiest option and the best way to support your favorite Mobile gaming site! There is NO IOS APP yet but it is coming, you guys on IOS can still access everything the app offers right through your phones web browser @

Finally the Games we consider to be the best (most played by users) can be downloaded directly. Each game as its own single app, the links below to the top 5 games will direct you to choose to either play in your browser or to direct you to your phones APP store (Google play or the APP store on IOS) a full list of all available apps will be published here in the news section soon!

TOP 5 GAMES APP links below PLEASE check them out!

1) Color Pop

2) Gold Miner Tom

3) Ten Ten Animals

4) Candy Bubble

5) Gold Mine

Thank you again for being the best part of MAF a member!